Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Success: The Art Of Tenacity

Gold-Bearing Quartz Veins
Gold-Bearing Quartz Veins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Copper to Gold asked us:

What is your definition of a good gold maker?  How do you measure gold making success? 

I think it's easy, and honestly, not even sure why it's a question but: You're successful if you keep increasing your balance and I measure success as done if someone doesn't give up. There are no metrics other than the amount of gold in your bank that really matter.

That said, yes some people will be more successful than others. How much time and effort you put into making gold will make a huge difference in the amount of gold you have. On June 1, when I started this journey, I had 18,000 gold. Today, I have 81,000 gold. That's a net profit of 63 thousand in 30 days or ~2100g a day. At that rate, I'll have 1 million in 437 days or sometime near the middle of September in 2014!

Now, there are alot of reasons this has happened this way. I have a chronic condition for which I recently switched medication and adjusting to the new meds made me sicker than a dog for two weeks or more. Joy of joys, I see my doctor soon and will probably increase the dosage amount which will make me sick again while I adjust to the increased chemicals in my body.

Also, said meds make me sleepy. The first day I was on them, I slept 16 hours. Even today, two weeks later, I slept 12. That doesn't leave alot of energy and time for anything and I'd rather play the game itself than the mini-game within it of gold-making.

But, to be honest with myself and anyone else, I had other distractions as well and there are degrees of success. I played Minecraft alot lately (horses!) and someone who's actually read and implemented the posts I've only bookmarked is probably making more gold a day than I am and could consider themselves more successful than I but that doesn't make me a failure!

So long as I keep at it, keep on keeping on, increase my bank balance and don't give up - I win! Even if I don't see that finish line until September of next year!

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